Sarah farrell

About Sarah : I began my journey with yoga 7 years ago when I started regular weekly classes, quickly I experienced many positive changes and benefits from my new hobby. I decided that I wanted to explore life on a more spiritual level therefore moved to California to work and study within a Tibetan Buddhist community under Tibetan Lama Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche’s teachings. Nestled in the remote Redwood forest, I stayed for over a year immersing myself in the practice of Kum Nye (Tibetan Yoga), meditation and study of the many depths of Tibetan Buddhism. Shortly after my return to Morecambe, I felt it was time to undergo my 200 hour teacher training in India, and did so with Yogacharya Lalit Kumar an initiate of the Himalayan tradition. Over the years I have developed a deep love of philosophy, following Pantanjali’s Eight Limbs of Yoga, and implementing Tibetan Buddhist teachings in my day to day life, using each moment as practise. As a dedicated student and lover of my hometown Morecambe, I hope to make yoga accessible to everyone, and give back to the people of the community of which I have grown up in. My intention is to always continue education and expand my experience and knowledge to offer well-rounded, safe and explorative classes for my students. 

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emmaline turley

About Emmaline : Well, I'm a Yoga Alliance Senior Yoga Teacher an IYN Yoga Elder & I've been learning and teaching for over 20 years I still love and feel grateful for all the amazing insights, wisdom and balance Yoga has brought to my life. I enjoy holding space for students to have a chance to dive deeper into their practice to listen to their inner messages, via the body’s sensations and intuition and I just want to continue exploring, absorbing and sharing all that this magical practice shows us.

Emmaline teaches Seasonal Yoga on a Wednesday. Please see our classes for more details.


Sarah is a Yoga Alliance Professionals member